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Roses continues to push ahead with the project to modernise the mobility of the Cap de Creus.

Nachrichten | 31/03/2022

This morning a new meeting of the monitoring committee of the Accessibility Plan for the Cap de Creus Natural Park was held in Roses. Created last year on the occasion of the application of the new measures for vehicle access to the park during the summer, the commission's objective is to coordinate these measures, attending to and anticipating all the needs of the population during the season, from public safety to aspects related to economic activity and tourist services.

The plan launched in Roses last year to organise the accesses to the Cap de Creus Natural Park will continue to make progress and, on this basis, the planning of actions to be applied in both the short and long term continues. The restrictions implemented during the 2021 season were the result of the need to avoid the great saturation of vehicles of previous years, given the safety problems and the pressure on the environment that they entailed.

The good results obtained last year in the preparation and application of these measures, thanks to the creation of an interdepartmental commission that ensured the proper functioning and adaptation of the plan to the needs of the moment, have led the council to continue to support this system of work. The committee, made up of technical and political teams from the Mayor's Office, the Environment, Infrastructures and Services, Public Safety, Tourism and Economic Promotion departments of the Town Council, as well as the Cap de Creus Natural Park, met again today to plan the new season.

During the meeting, those present were informed of the study presented to the public on 3 March on the projects for the development of spaces, the car park network and intelligent electronic systems on which the Town Council is working for their application in the Park over the coming years, as well as the different steps and procedures to be followed for their implementation.

On the other hand, work has begun to prepare the planning of measures for the 2022 tourist season, which will be agreed, as last year, with the local business and tourism sector, especially with the activities that take place inside the park. As soon as this year's regulation system is finalised and agreed upon, the City Council will make it known and disseminate it as much as necessary.


Roses continues to push ahead with the project to modernise the mobility of the Cap de Creus.