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Roses enters a state of emergency due to drought.

Nachrichten | 26/09/2023

As of today, Tuesday, September 26, the water restrictions for municipalities in a state of emergency due to drought come into force in Roses, which includes limiting water consumption to a maximum of 200 liters per inhabitant and day

Today, Tuesday 26 September, resolution ACC/3238/2023 enters into force , declaring a state of emergency due to hydrological drought in the operating unit of the Darnius Boadella reservoir, where Roses belongs. The resolution is the result of the evaluation of the Interdepartmental Drought Commission (made up of the departments of the Vice Presidency, Climate Action, Interior, Economy, Business and Work and Health), which proposed last week that the Darnius reservoir unit Boadella to which Roses belongs, which until now was in a state of exceptionality, moved to the emergency stage.


The emergency declaration in this unit affects a total of 12 municipalities in the Alt Empordà region: Cabanes, Cadaqués, Castelló d'Empúries, Figueres, Fortià, Llers, Riumors, Roses, Santa Llogaia d'Àlguema, Vilamalla , Vila-sacra and the Empordà Lighthouse. The ACA has proposed declaring a state of emergency, as determined by the Drought Plan, with the aim of preventing municipalities that depend on the reservoir from having supply problems. 


Savings measures


The use of water to supply the population will remain subject to all the limitations of the Alert and Exceptionality phases with the following additions:


  • A maximum allocation of 200 liters per inhabitant per day is established 
  • Suppression of agricultural irrigation (only survival irrigation of woody crops may be authorized).
  • 25% reduction in water consumption by industrial users
  • Reduction of water consumption in recreational uses (25% in uses similar to urban and total suppression of irrigation)
  • Prohibition of the use of water for the irrigation of gardens and green areas (public and private)
  • Total ban on the total or partial filling of ornamental fountains, artificial lakes, freshwater pools
  • Prohibition of cleaning any vehicle except in specific cleaning establishments
  • Non-domestic users will apply the measures provided for in the savings plans


More information on the ACA website




Roses enters a state of emergency due to drought.