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Vehicle access to the Cap de Creus National Park from Roses, closed from June 22 to September 11

Nachrichten | 18/06/2024

Roses is bringing forward this season the period of limitation of access to vehicles with four wheels or more in the Cap de Creus Natural Park, which will take place from June 22 to September 11. The hours of the traffic ban will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., every day of the week. The aim of the limitation is to avoid saturations, a harmful impact on the natural environment and possible risks in cases of emergencies that require the activation of civil protection protocols.

The Rosinca coves located in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus receive strong pressure during the summer season, which is not compatible with the conservation objectives of the natural space, nor with the safety of the users. The data collected in previous years show - with an average of 300 vehicles returned from the access point per day during the month of July and nearly 700 in August - the need for regulation.

So, this season, the City Council will once again apply, for the fourth year in a row, restrictions on motorized access to the park, previously agreed with the management body of the Natural Park. Lluís Espada, Councilor for the Environment of Roses City Council, explains that "this year the limitation period will be brought forward to next Saturday, June 22 instead of July 15, and will also be extended to the end of the season, maintaining- until September 11 instead of until August 31. These changes are the result of the monitoring and evaluation of the measures carried out during the 2023 season the park also during two dates with a large influx of public, such as Sant Joan and September 11".

The time limit for the step also corresponds to the areas in which there is a greater concentration of traffic and intensity, and will be from 10 am to 5 pm, every day of the week. Regarding the parking of vehicles, this will be prohibited in all the coves of the Natural Park between 00:00 and 06:00, every day of the week.

The control point and access barrier will maintain the location of last year, at the Torre d'en Sastre site. This allows better mobility back to Roses when the barrier is closed, since the return turn is more easily maneuverable from this point than from the previous one, located at the Falconera viewpoint.

It will be managed by informants (one from the Cap de Creus Natural Park and two hired by the City Council, in charge of opening and closing the barrier, controlling authorizations and information tasks). In addition, the Park will have two pairs of Rural Guards, in charge of going around the park ensuring that the rules are correctly followed and offering the information that users may need.


Authorized vehicles and responsible declarations

The time limit is set for vehicles with 4 wheels or more, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles... as well as authorized users (owners, relatives and visits to owners; service companies in activities and owners; workers of the activities that operate within the park...), who will not have access limitations with any type of vehicle.

To accredit these authorizations, the council offers responsible declaration models.

You can consult the details of the restrictions, download the responsible statement, etc. through this link .




Vehicle access to the Cap de Creus National Park from Roses, closed from June 22 to September 11