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Restrictions due to the drought situation. 23/11/2022

News | 23/11/2022

The Standing Committee on Drought of the Catalan Water Agency has declared a state of alert for hydrological drought in the Darnius-Boadella reservoir, to which the municipality of Roses is attached. It implies the application of different restrictions, which will not affect drinking water but will affect different agricultural, livestock, industrial, recreational and domestic uses.

Drought alert measures:

  • 25% reduction in water consumption for agricultural irrigation.
  • 10% reduction for livestock uses
  • 5% reduction for industrial uses
  • 30% reduction for recreational uses involving irrigation and 5% reduction for other recreational uses.


The domestic uses package imposes certain limitations, although they do not affect basic everyday aspects such as water consumption for showering or cooking. In this area, the restrictions are as follows:

Watering of gardens and green areas, both public and private, should only be carried out during the hours of less sunshine (from 8pm to 8am) and, at most, two days a week, without exceeding 450 m3/ha/month.

It is forbidden to fill all or part of elements of aesthetic use of water, such as ornamental fountains, artificial lakes and others.

Private individuals are prohibited from cleaning streets, pavements, facades and the like using water hoses.

The use of water for the removal of dust and airborne matter is prohibited.

The filling of swimming pools is restricted. Water may not be used to wash vehicles, only windows, mirrors, rear-view mirrors, lights and number plates may be cleaned using a sponge and bucket, except in vehicle cleaning establishments.

You can consult the details of these restrictions on the website of the Catalan Water Agency.



Restrictions due to the drought situation. 23/11/2022