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Roses Carnival 2022

News | 15/02/2022

Roses will once again enjoy one of its most emblematic festivals: Carnival.

The Carnival Council, made up of Roses Town Council and representatives of the groups, has definitively agreed to maintain the dates of 25 to 28 February for this year's Roses Carnival.

Last year's edition was cancelled due to the Covid 19 health crisis, but this year the town of Roses is bringing back its most emblematic festival. The lifting of the restrictions announced by the Catalan government has made it possible to keep the Roses festival on its scheduled dates.

This year's poster, created by Job Fontes, combines different elements typical of the Carnival, such as sardines, with topical aspects, identifying, in a humorous tone, the can of sardines with the confinement and closure experienced in recent years.

This year, given the preventive measures still in force, there will be some events such as the dances in the marquee that will not take place, but the Friday, Saturday and Sunday dances will continue.

Here you can find the festival programme: 

Roses Carnival 2022