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Roses Marina renews its ISO14001 and EMAS environmental certifications.

News | 08/02/2023

The Port of Roses has once again validated the ISO14001: 2015 and EMAS certifications accrediting its good environmental management, after successfully passing the renewal process of both certificates.

The certifications are endorsed by the international accreditation company SGS, which audits various aspects of the quality of the management of a marina. The Port of Roses has established within its Environmental Policy the objectives of minimising the impact of its activity on the environment, reducing the consumption of energy and water resources, as well as the correct management of both domestic and special waste generated in its facilities. The objectives of dissemination, training and awareness-raising among port users are also set, by means of specific campaigns on responsible navigation and respect for the natural environment.

The added value of the EMAS and ISO 14001:2015 certificates lies in the fact that they require the implementation of a continuous management system responsible for applying exhaustive measures and controls to maintain, and even improve, environmental quality. They therefore represent the application of waste minimisation measures, resource saving and incident control systems that are under continuous review to ensure constant improvement.

Furthermore, although the certifications that have just been renewed are valid until 2026, they are subject to the satisfactory results of the monitoring audits that are carried out annually, which is a double guarantee of the system's exhaustiveness.

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Roses Marina renews its ISO14001 and EMAS environmental certifications.