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The Marina implements sustainable measures for cleaning boats.

News | 22/03/2024

In response to the drought crisis affecting the Roses area, the town's marina has taken an exemplary initiative to conserve water. A second recycled water tank has been installed in the Grup d'Esports Nàutics (GEN) area for cleaning the boats that use the ramp.

This new facility has a capacity of 5,000 litres and is filled with water from the Estació Depuradora d'Aigües Residuals (EDAR) of the Consorci d'Aigües de la Costa Brava. This measure not only responds to the emergency situation caused by the drought, but is also a firm step towards sustainability and the preservation of the environment.

Since the first recycled water tank at the entrance to the port has been in operation, the effectiveness of this responsible alternative for cleaning boats has been demonstrated. This first tank has been a valuable resource during this time of drought.

Although these measures were initially implemented because of the water crisis, it is important to note that the Roses marina's commitment to sustainability is long term. This initiative is not only temporary, it is part of an ongoing commitment to environmental conservation and the preservation of local water resources.

Thus, this new infrastructure not only facilitates the cleaning of boats in a responsible and efficient manner, but also represents a significant step towards sustainability in the area's nautical sector.

The Marina implements sustainable measures for cleaning boats.