On November 11 and 12, Roses celebrates the Festivalet, a unique experience for the senses.


Villagers and visitors will gather again in Plaça de la Perola on November 11 and 12, to pay their annual tribute to the sunsets over the bay, with a sensory proposal that combines light, color, gastronomy and music .

The characteristics of the bay of Roses and the location that hosts the various events of the Festivalet, La Perola beach, offer every year to the attending public a unique show, where the colors and light on the horizon and reflected in the immense mirror of water are the absolute protagonists. The musical and gastronomic proposals that the Economic Promotion Area of ​​the City Council a…

Fire drill on a pleasure boat in the port of Roses.


This Wednesday, a fire drill took place on a recreational boat that was moored to the pier attached to the harbor dock of the Roses marina.

This Wednesday, a fire drill took place on a recreational boat that was moored to the pier attached to the harbor dock of the Roses marina. In the exercise, there were two injuries of varying degrees, one, in the burning boat and the other, in the rescue tasks of the first one. The exercise has been organized by Civil Protection of the Generalitat, Ports de la Generalitat and Port Roses, with th…

Roses enters a state of emergency due to drought.


As of today, Tuesday, September 26, the water restrictions for municipalities in a state of emergency due to drought come into force in Roses, which includes limiting water consumption to a maximum of 200 liters per inhabitant and day

Today, Tuesday 26 September, resolution ACC/3238/2023 enters into force , declaring a state of emergency due to hydrological drought in the operating unit of the Darnius Boadella reservoir, where Roses belongs. The resolution is the result of the evaluation of the Interdepartmental Drought Commission (made up of the departments of the Vice Presidency, Climate Action, Interior, Economy, Business…

Access restrictions on the Rosinca side of the Cap de Creus National Park have prevented the entry of 28,100 vehicles. 05/09/2023


On August 31 ended the period of circulation restrictions in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus from the municipality of Roses, which began last July 15 and for the third consecutive year, as a protective measure to avoid saturation, the 'impact on the natural environment and possible risks in cases of emergencies. The restriction has prevented a total of 28,100 vehicles from entering the park during this period

The restrictions implemented have been active in Roses every day between 10.30 and 16.30 for vehicles with 4 wheels or more, through an access control point located at the height of the Torre d'en Sastre and managed with informants . During the second half of July, 400 vehicles per day were prevented from entering the Park on average, while in August this number rose to 700 vehicles per day.   "…

Port of Roses promotes sustainability with the incorporation of an electric vehicle.


Roses, 24 August 2023 - In an outstanding demonstration of its commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability, the Roses Marina has taken a firm step towards reducing its carbon footprint. In line with its objectives defined in the ISO 14001 standard and the EMAS Regulation and within the framework of the "Cuidem Roses" initiative, the port has incorporated a Nissan Leaf ele…

Cala Murtra, responsible snorkeling itinerary


The Cap de Creus Natural Park has promoted the first itineraries for responsible snorkeling. These are three itineraries that want to help account for sports activity and the need to conserve the biodiversity of protected marine spaces. One of these spaces is Cala Murtra, located in the municipality of Roses.

The starting points of each itinerary are located in three different coves: Cala Tamariua, Portlligat and Cala Murtra. The route located in Cala Murtra (Roses) is between 300 and 600 meters long. It allows you to observe more sandy bottom species such as spider fish, roger, hake, sea cucumber and shoals of cuttlefish and chestnuts, among others. The itinerary that leaves Cala Tamariua (Port de l…

Drought exceptionality. 08/06/2023


Water restrictions on urban uses for municipalities in a state of exceptionality.

“Cavallet Blau” boat cleaning point using recycled water. 30/03/2023


In 2008, the Port of Roses was at the forefront of Catalonia's marinas in using recycled water for industrial uses, as it had a facility for cleaning boats using water from the Wastewater Treatment Plant (Estació Depuradora d’Aigües Residuals, EDAR).

In 2008, the Port of Roses was at the forefront of Catalonia's marinas in using recycled water for industrial uses, as it had a facility for cleaning boats using water from the Wastewater Treatment Plant (Estació Depuradora d’Aigües Residuals, EDAR). This year, 2023 we find ourselves in a similar situation and once again, the Consorci de la Costa Brava, which manages the treatment plants, has …

Roses installs three bicycle maintenance and repair stations on the public highway. 08/03/2023


The Sports Department of Roses Town Council has acquired three stations that allow cyclists to carry out maintenance work on their bicycles and carry out repairs in the event of minor breakdowns, without having to carry the necessary tools with them. The first of these, located at the entrance to the Marina, is already operational, while the other two will be installed over the next few days in the sports area and in the old town.

Small repairs and maintenance tasks such as inflating tyres, adjusting brakes, tightening shells or even repairing a puncture in the street are now possible in Roses without having to carry tools with you, thanks to the free-use self-repair station located in the Marina. We are very happy to be able to make this new tool available to everyone," says Roses Sports Councillor Verònica Medina, "which…

New electric vehicle charging stations at the Roses Marina. 03/03/2023


As of this week, the Roses Marina has three electric vehicle charging stations, one of which is adapted for vehicles for people with reduced mobility, and a linked charging station, all of which are now operational.

The three semi-fast stations have a power of 22 kW, while the linked station has 7.4. Each of the equipment has two connectors that allow one vehicle to be charged at maximum power or to be split equally in the case of two vehicles being plugged in at the same time. The recharging areas are located in the marina car park that runs parallel to Rhode Avenue. They are properly signposted (green paint…

Refurbishment of two points in the Marina to improve the image and safety. 21/02/2023


The Roses Marina has recently carried out two maintenance and improvement actions: the installation of a new separation fence between the fishing port quay and the marina to improve the landscape and the speed limitation in front of the Sailing School for greater safety of its users and students.

The installation of a new wooden fence between the two ports has improved the arrival area for large boats, and the view they have during the time they remain moored. This is an action carried out by Ports de la Generalitat which has responded to the request made by the Port Esportiu to give a better image to this area, as the existing construction fence until now exposed the view of nets, tools a…

Roses Marina renews its ISO14001 and EMAS environmental certifications.


The Port of Roses has once again validated the ISO14001: 2015 and EMAS certifications accrediting its good environmental management, after successfully passing the renewal process of both certificates.

The certifications are endorsed by the international accreditation company SGS, which audits various aspects of the quality of the management of a marina. The Port of Roses has established within its Environmental Policy the objectives of minimising the impact of its activity on the environment, reducing the consumption of energy and water resources, as well as the correct management of both domes…

The Bay of Roses participates in the World's Most Beautiful Bays Congress, focusing on sustainable objectives. 20/12/2022


Between 9 and 13 December, the councillor for Tourism of Roses, Montse Mindan, together with the Tourism Department technician, Sara Lladó, represented the Bay of Roses at the Congress of the Association of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World (MBBW) held in the Bay of Cambodia. A congress which, in its sixteenth edition, was marked by the commitment of all the participating bays to work on projects aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in line with the UN 2030 agenda of the United Nations.

On the 10th anniversary of its recognition as one of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, the Bay of Roses, made up of the municipalities of L'Escala, Sant Pere Pescador, Castelló d'Empúries-Empuriabrava and Roses, has carried out a programme throughout the year aimed at promoting awareness of the values of the bay and how these values, especially natural ones, can have a direct impact on peopl…