How many moorings will the port have?

The yacht club dispose of 483 moorings, from 6 to 45m, of which 375 will have the character of a "preferential right of use", whereas the other ones are meant for ships that come in on a daily basis or for short periods.

May the boat be larger than the mooring?

There is a table of measures that are generally considered as limits of tolerance. Nevertheless the general rule is that no boat or ship correctly anchored in the port may surpass the size of the mooring that was allocated to her. By 'measures of the boat' we understand the exact dates taken by an offici measurement including fenders and other fix installations on board.

Where is the port located?

The port is located in the Northern part of the fishing port of Roses and have a 70 meters broad opening to the South with a draught of 9 meters; the minimum draught in the port itself is of 2 meters

How will the sale be handled?

What is usually called a sale is in fact the cession of a right for preferential use of a mooring for a maximum period of 30 years, which is the term for the administrative concession.

What means 'cession of a right for use'?

This means that the mooring is not your property. This is natural, since the Sea is a common good of mankind. The 'purchaser' therefore has only a preferential right for the use of a mooring during the agreed period of cession.

Can I choose the location of my mooring?

No. The contract only stipulates the preferential right of use for a mooring of an agreed size. PORT DE ROSES will distribute the moorings according to its own criteria with regard to the best benefit for the port and reserves the right to change the location during the concession period

How are the payments made?

In order to facilitate the payments the amounts are paid by the bank account that the client has indicated.

Are there any other payments to be made?

There is an annual contribution for the maintenance of the harbour, the supply of electricity and water, taxes, etc. according to the cuote of participation of each client. This contribution is paid every three months.

Does the port have an insurance?

The port have the insurance policy that the legislation requires.

What sort of insurance does the client have to have?

The owner of the right of use has to have a liability insurance, liability for compensation, larceny and other risks that the legislation will require at a given moment or that the port authorities will require.

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